AweSUMS Career Tracker: Polina Omelchenko

— 13.07.20

by Caroline Foster

In our most recent alumni ‘journey tracker’, SUMS graduate Polina Omelchenko chats with us about what she has been up to since graduation…

Since graduating the University of Sheffield Management School, I have joined the leading company in Digital Experience Services – Accenture Interactive. I did a 12-month placement with Accenture in my 3rd year of University and that was one of the most important factors for my rapid career progression at Accenture. I am on track to be promoted after one and a half years when the expectation is to be promoted after two to three years. To anyone considering doing the Employment Experience scheme – I cannot recommend it enough! The experience that you get will set you apart from other applicants and help you decide if your dream career/organisation is really for you!

One of the biggest highlights of my career so far has been working with the NHS on a Digital Website Analytics and Experience Optimization project, one of the most rewarding projects I have ever worked on. I can see the results of my work every day and be incredibly proud of it.

Now, I am working with one of the largest automotive companies in the world where I lead digital marketing and analytics for two premium brands in the UK. In my year on the project, I activated over fifty digital campaigns and learned more about auto motives than I even thought I could!

“I am working with one of the largest automotive companies in the world where I lead digital marketing and analytics for two premium brands”

Polina Omelchenko, SUMS Alumna, BA Business Management and Economics with Employment Experience

The biggest challenge I have faced so far is the lack of the industry experience in my area of interest – Digital Marketing. I previously did a placement at Accenture, but the type of work I had done and skills I had gained were all quite different to what an Accenture Interactive employee needs.

One thing I have found incredibly useful was the Digital Marketing course I did during my last year at SUMS. I found the type of work that we did in that course to be highly relevant to the day-to-day work of a Digital Marketing Consultant.

At the moment, one of the biggest goals for me is reaching Consultant level at Accenture and becoming an integrated member of the Data Driven Marketing pillar of Accenture Interactive. My long-term aspiration would be to become a Subject Matter Expert (an SME) in matters of data-driven social and direct electronic mailing campaigns.

SUMS Alumna Polina Omelchenko graduated from Sheffield University Management School (SUMS) with a BA in Business Management and Economics in 2018. Polina also won a place on The Dean’s List, a prestigious award celebrating our graduates’ academic achievements as well as their extraordinary contributions to improving the world around them.