Be involved and join SUMS Alumni

— 04.09.19

by Jody Dalton

Here at the Management School we love to keep in touch with as many alumni as possible. Whether you graduated last year or 20 years ago, live just down the road in Sheffield or work in New Delhi, India. That’s why we have created our new-look online group, Join Sums Alumni.

This group allows alumni to join from anywhere in the world and be a part of our online alumni community. It enables you to connect with other alumni, staff and some students of the Management School, to start conversations and begin building your professional networks.

So why join?

Here are what we think are the most important features of Join Sums Alumni that will benefit you:

  • Search and join the online directory to find other alumni by location, graduating year, company and more
  • Receive and provide mentor advice using the ‘Willing to help’ tool
  • Share opportunities using the jobs board and see other roles available
  • Ask for advice around a small business issue by posting your questions to the group
  • Join and create groups with others who have like-for-like interests

Join us!

To help make the group as engaging and as enjoyable as possible, we’d really like you to get involved. If you have any opportunities to share or would like others to help with a small business matter or research issue you have, you can post in the group and chat to other alumni to gain valuable advice from like-minded professionals. Join SUMS Alumni here and let's start talking!