Campus Masterplan: we're transforming our public spaces

— 04.03.16

by Jody Dalton

The University is working with Sheffield City Council to transform our public spaces, to create the best possible environment for staff, students and the wider community.

Since the University was founded in 1905, many buildings have been added and developed since the original institutions of the Sheffield School of Medicine, Firth College and the Sheffield Technical School were brought together.

Currently, our entire estate, which now includes student villages at Endcliffe and Ranmoor, sporting facilities on Western Bank and Warminster Road, and the Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre with Boeing at Catcliffe supports our population of almost 26,000 students and 7,000 staff, accommodated in five million square feet of buildings.

That population makes a major contribution to the economy of the Sheffield City Region, both through their spending and their longer-term impact on the region's knowledge and skills.

Our vision

Improving our key spaces

The overall aim is to create a safe, high quality walking and cycling route from Mappin Street to the Arts Tower, linking the campus and connecting with the existing high quality Gold Route, which includes Devonshire Green, Barker's Pool, the Peace Gardens, Hallam Square and Station Square.

Being part of the city

We’re working to extend the city's Gold Route through the University campus to help us connect the east and west campuses, running from St George’s Church to the Arts Tower and Weston Park whilst the North Campus will also be better integrated.

New buildings

Proposals for a number of new buildings include a new science building in the Hounsfield area, a much bigger, state-of-the-art sports centre on Northumberland Road, which is also the planned location for an impressive social sciences building, bringing together many subject areas under one roof, creating a perfect environment for interdisciplinary learning.

Cycling, walking and road safety

Two new cycle hubs will provide around 300 secure spaces and new crossings on Western Bank an Upper Hanover Street will improve the safety of pedestrians crossing major roads. Reducing congestions in the city is also a priority, and further consultations are taking place with this in mind.

Public transport

The University is well-served by public transport, but further improvements can be made to further encourage the use of public transport over cars, along with better use of surface level car parks on campus.

Greening the campus

We intend to improve the biodiversity of the campus as a whole through the greening of many areas and by encouraging wildlife into the campus wherever possible.

Keep up to date with the Campus Masterplan here.

Images below show (clockwise): Greening the University campus, Arts Tower court, The Diamond, Leavygreave Road


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