Environmental credentials grow at SUMS

— 10.06.16

by Jody Dalton

As part of its commitment to environmental behaviour, the Management School has been awarded a Green Impact Bronze award.

Green Impact is a sustainability accreditation scheme, run in over 50 universities across the UK. It involves both staff and students, bringing them together to green their institutions and create positive change. Dr Sonal Choudhary, lecturer in sustainable management, founded the Management School departmental team in 2015.

Sonal has led the team to great success – not only securing the bronze accreditation, but also raising awareness of opportunities to save energy and recycle around the school.

She was nominated for the Community Action Award at the Green Impact awards ceremony on 20 May 2016 for her work on a first-year module, Business Challenges. In 2015, Sonal set the Eco Challenge (linked to the NUS’s Switch Off campaign) to six teams of undergraduates who were tasked with reducing energy and water consumption in student housing, as well as increasing recycling activity. The teams worked closely with the NUS’s environmental advisor and saw great success in particular flats – in fact, their efforts led to a five per cent reduction in energy usage and more awareness around sustainable ways to recycle.

A student member of the Management School’s Green Impact team, Jad Soubra, has also been nominated for the Best Team Member award for his contribution as Green Impact auditor. Taking on the role in a voluntary capacity, the BA International Business Management third-year was inspired by Sonal’s Corporate Social Responsibility module.

“The module, which involved analysing the detrimental effects of corporations on the environment and discussing what is being done to lead the business world towards socially responsible future, furthered my existing passion for sustainable development and the climate change movement, so when the opportunity to take part in Green Impact presented itself I knew it was something I wanted to be a part of. I was also both very excited and proud to hear that this was the first year of the Management School’s involvement in the scheme and requested to work with the School’s Green Impact Team.”

Jad Soubra, nominated for the Best Team Member of the Management School’s Green Impact team

Jad continued:

“The training was enjoyable and informative. Initially we were introduced to the Green Impact scheme and how it operates. To prepare us for the year ahead, we were divided in teams and asked to complete some situational tasks which we were likely to come across when working with our Green Impact Teams. We also had skills building sessions on Team Management and Behaviour Change. Since the majority of my other teamwork experiences have been with my peers, I have found it very interesting working directly with Management School staff. I also found it motivating to be given the platform to help generate positive change within my department. I have come out of this role with far more knowledge, skills and competencies that I am certain will help me in the future.

“Firms all over the globe are increasingly concerned with the environment and how to minimise their harmful impact and many seek to employ those who share these values. My work with Green Impact has proven my interest in and dedication to this cause and will continue to do so in the future.”


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