Hong Kong Alumni Network 2018 - Event Review

— 27.07.18

by Adam Greenwood

“As as a new student of this program, it was my pleasure that I could attend this event where I learnt more about this program from the professors of Sheffield University Management School and Hong Kong Baptist University. Alumni of this program are also very warm hearted and they shared their experience of living and study in UK which I benefit a lot. Now I am more looking forward to starting my new journey in Sheffield.”

GU Jieru, Ivy

Hong Kong Baptist University (HKBU), a joint partner of our Global Marketing Management course, hosted an intimate alumni and student networking event in July 2018.

Held at the highly regarded Bistro Bon, this cozy event enabled prospective students looking to study Global Marketing Management (GMM) an opportunity to meet staff from HKBU and the Management School. HKBU representatives included Dr. Henry Fock (Head, Department of Marketing), Dr. Alex Tsang (MScGMM Programme Director), Dr. Frederick Yim (MScGMM Associate Programme Director) and Ms. Icy Tsang (MScGMM Programme Assistant Officer) with Associate Deans, Andrea Ward (Learning & Teaching) and Prof. Andrew Simpson (International, Alumni and Accreditation), from the Management School. The staff representatives were able to pool their knowledge to discuss and answer a wide range of questions about GMM, such as how this 12-month course can be applied to future roles and the entry requirements. Indeed, it was also a unique opportunity for our alumni guests to pitch in and share their knowledge of this cross-continental course, reminiscing about their time in Sheffield and Hong Kong. In fact, one guest, Tamizh S Arul, an MBA alumnus, recently gave an interview for Catalyst about his student days and career journey.

GMM student guest, XIE Jinrong, Jean, also noted: "this wonderful activity brought me a chance to meet Sheffield alumni in HKBU. I shared lots of studying and living experience in Sheffield and in Hong Kong. The relaxing and encouraging talks held between graduate, students and professors was a good opportunity to reinforce relationships with Sheffield."

If you have any questions about alumni events in your part of the world, or about Global Marketing Management, or indeed anything else, do contact mgtalumni@sheffield.ac.uk


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