International Blog: Frances in Copenhagen: Very happy Christmas!

— 11.01.16

by Jody Dalton

Freedom! After finishing my last exam on 17 December, I came back to England for my first Christmas holiday in years throughout which I won’t have to revise!

I have to admit that November and December were quite a challenge with revision, deadlines and goodbyes, but I was obviously relieved to relax at last!

In my breaks from revision and assignment writing I did find time to explore the infamous Scandinavian Christmas markets at Strøget, Nyhavn and Tivoli. Sampling, amongst other treats, the traditional Danish foods: flæskesteg sandwich (a warm roast pork, crackling, red cabbage and pickled cucumber roll); æbleskiver (apple donuts dipped in jam, icing sugar and/or cinnamon); ris a l’amande (almond flavoured rice pudding with cherry sauce) and gløgg (sweet mulled wine) – all of which I thoroughly recommend!

Visiting these markets was a great excuse to meet up with friends who were leaving at the end of the semester (unfortunately this was the majority) and take my mind off work. However, it was sad knowing that, since most of my friends were international, it will be difficult to meet up again outside Copenhagen. Nevertheless, so far, so good as I have kept in touch with them and now have lots of places to visit in the holidays and once I graduate. Plus, I am only halfway through the year!

I hope you had a God Jul (Merry Christmas) og Godt Nytår (and Happy New Year)!


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