Introducing our students abroad - International Blogs

— 08.10.15

by Simon Spode

Each year a number of our students choose to study abroad as part of their studies. In a series of articles we'll be following their adventures and experiences overseas through their blogs. This first article introduces the students.

Introducing… Winnie in Copenhagen, Denmark

Hi, my name is Winnie and I’m studying my second year of International Business Management at Copenhagen Business School (CBS).

I mainly chose CBS due to its outstanding reputation, combined with it flexibility in module choices and prime location in the capital of Denmark! For example, I’m taking a module in Foreign Policy of the EU, along with a new format of oral exams. I’m pretty nervous about these, but remain optimistic it will teach me to be more confident in my presentation skills!

At first I was nervous about the many challenges that come with moving abroad, especially to a place I had never visited before, however I also know that it’s these challenges that teach you to become more independent, learn about yourself and others. Therefore I am now more excited than anything at the big and little things that I am yet to come across during my time here.

Introducing… Chris in Hamilton, Canada

Hey, everyone! My name is Chris (short for Kristers) and I am an International Business Management student at the University of Sheffield. I finished my first year in Sheffield and this academic year I am a student at McMaster University in Hamilton, Ontario, in Canada.

Going on a year abroad is part of my degree – it is only obvious that International Business degree requires some international experience. I have to admit, I always wanted to spend some time abroad, while at university, and also I have always been passionate about business so it just made sense.

Additionally, going abroad does not only mean to have the academic experience in a different country or another line to add to your CV. Going somewhere for a year, or even a term, opens your mind to a whole new culture, environment and opportunities. Even being Canada for just over a week, I have realized that I could not imagine just doing my degree in one place for three years – just seems like wasted opportunities when there is so much more to gain out of your university experience!

“Additionally, going abroad does not only mean to have the academic experience in a different country… Going somewhere for a year, or even a term, opens your mind to a whole new culture, environment and opportunities.”

Chris in Hamilton, Canada

Introducing… Megan in Vienna, Austria

Hello everyone, my name is Meg and, having studied International Business for a year at The University of Sheffield, I am now embarking on a second year of study at the largest business university in Europe – WU University of Economics and Business in Vienna.

At the university; there are many modules on in-depth areas of business which gives the flexibility to tailor-make your ideal degree; I have already signed up to exciting modules such as ‘Doing business in the Arab world’. The system to apply for courses [modules] is very different at WU, in mid-August, registration begins – there are hundreds of modules to choose from as well as hundreds of students registering, so, registering the second the courses went live was essential!

I am now both excited and a little scared (mainly excited). Although I always anticipated partaking in an Erasmus year (having picked a degree in which a year abroad is compulsory), it still feels like somewhat of a dream! I will be sad to leave behind everyone and everything I know in Sheffield for a while, but as with moving from the south to the north of the country last year – it is a challenge I know will be worthwhile for the future.

Introducing… Frances in Copenhagen, Denmark

Hi, my name is Frances and I’m going into my second year studying International Business Management at the University of Sheffield.

I will be starting my year abroad at Copenhagen Business School (CBS) in Denmark. I chose CBS as a place to study for three main reasons:

  • It has a great reputation as a business school where I will have the opportunity to do modules I could not have done in Sheffield, such as Sports Economics.
  • I have visited Copenhagen before and loved it, I got the impression that the atmosphere is quite relaxed compared to London as a capital city.
  • I read the previous Sheffield/CBS student’s blog and I found it both very interesting and useful. It gave me an insight into life and study in Copenhagen as a British student meaning I didn’t feel like I was going into this year abroad completely ‘blind’ to what it will be like!

Overall, honestly, I am not sure what I will achieve from my year abroad yet, but all I know is that I want to get a feel of the Danish way of life and how Danes conduct their business; if I am able to do that then I’ll be happy.

Introducing… Dominique in Melbourne, Australia

Hey all, my name is Dominique (known as Dom) and I am studying International Business Management at Sheffield University. For my second academic year, I am studying at Monash University in Melbourne, Australia.

As I see it, it was an opportunity I could not miss. It was a country I have always wanted to visit, a climate that sounds as if you are permanently on holiday, and a city that is known as Australia’s Sports and Culture Capital. I love to travel, meet new people from around the world, and experience new cultures. It took me no convincing to sign up and board the next flight to Melbourne.

I have decided to blog my experiences, so that other students who are thinking of going for a year abroad to this side of the world have an idea of what to expect when they get here.

Unlike the other bloggers on here, I have already been in Australia for two months as University starts here in July. So, you have to sacrifice your summer in the UK, but then you get a three month summer holiday in Australia, which to me sounds a lot better!

Introducing… Beth in Lisbon, Portugal

My name is Beth and I will be spending the year studying at Nova School of Business and Economics. I have been given this opportunity due to choosing to study International Business Management at the University of Sheffield.

Nova SBE is the only universal business school in Portugal making it a perfect choice to tie in with my interests of business on an international level. Portuguese is spoken by over 270million people worldwide in several continents, and the skill of speaking this lovely language is something I will have to dedicate myself to as all classes are taught in English. Although this is convenient, I would still like some language experience which, in addition to networking and discovering differences of culture, I’m hoping will enhance my CV and therefore, my career.

Although I always had an interest in travel and other countries, it wasn’t until I was looking at degrees and Sheffield University’s study abroad programme captured my interest. After this, living abroad for a year became something that was actually in reach. It still feels slightly surreal thinking back from when I first made the decision to study abroad and having some worries about starting out on my own in a new country, then to be moved in to my lovely accommodation in Lisbon and ready to begin this journey.

“I will be spending the year studying at Nova School of Business and Economics… Nova SBE is the only universal business school in Portugal making it a perfect choice to tie in with my interests of business on an international level.”

Beth in Lisbon, Portugal

Introducing… Joe in Hamilton, Canada

Hi, my name is Joe and I am studying International Business Management at the University of Sheffield.

I am fortunate enough to be able to get a place for the year at McMaster University in Hamilton, Canada. I have always wanted to study abroad as I feel it is a great opportunity and a way to fully gain independence for a year.

I chose to apply to study in Canada as it was somewhere I had been on family holidays in the past, and I had really enjoyed myself. I had also heard about the brilliant reputation of McMaster University. I hope that my year’s study abroad gives me access to some excellent teaching and travelling opportunities within Canada, as well as allowing me to develop life skills, mainly independence.

I’m really looking forward to living in another country for the year, being able to visit new places and taking advantage of all that the university has to offer.

Introducing… GG in Amsterdam, the Netherlands

Hi, I’m Margaret, but my friends call me GG. I study International Business Management at the Management School and I am currently on Erasmus exchange in The University of Amsterdam (UVA)!

This city is the ‘bicycle capital ‘of the world, it’s incredible how people rather use bikes over cars here. Hence, my first task in order to become a true Amsterdammer was, surprise (!), buying a bike. Riding a bike around the city is the best way to discover Amsterdam and get your way around.

So far I’m really happy to have chosen Amsterdam to go on Erasmus, not only the city is beautiful and full of life and activities but the university is well-ranked, demanding and has a beautiful Business School campus right next to the canal, just a two minute walk from where I live!

We'll be posting more updates from the student's blogs during their years away...


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