It's been SUMS Journey: Alumni Profile -Tamizh S. Arul (2010)

— 13.03.18

by Adam Greenwood

Tamizh Selvam Arul, MBA (2010), was born and raised in India. He has since lived and studied in The UK, Austria, Canada, and is currently working in Hong Kong as an Account Manager at DXC Technology. We interrupted his busy day-to-day schedule to find out how he's been doing since graduating from the Management School, and what he's learned from globetrotting...

“If you are in a job that you love doing, the passion and respect which you show [towards your job] will ensure you are successful.”

You started your career in India having also worked in roles in Canada and now Hong Kong. How do you feel this experience of working in different cultures has added to your skills, attributes and knowledge?

I always believed my strong point was building trustworthy professional relationships, this was achieved through my communication skills. Over the years, living in different countries has taught me to embrace the local cultures and the importance it plays in the business decision making. As they say, it all started on a cold winter day in Sheffield.

How are you finding your role at DXC Technology and what does your job involve day-to-day?

My current role at DXC has been what I could call a dream role. I started my career as a Project Manager, progressing all the way to an Account Manager. My daily role involves building relationships and positioning DXC as a preferred vendor for the customer. Along the way, mentoring exciting talents here in Hong Kong (HK).

What work-related achievement are you most proud of?

Breaking into a very traditional and conservative organization in HK, and opening up their vision to explore DXC's solution offerings.

Since 2003, you are an active member of the Social Service Centre in Vandalur. Why is this cause so important to you?

I’ve always believed in giving back to society, the centre at Vandalur is very special [to me] because I’ve been part of it from my time at College. Some of the changes during this time have been immense, and the progress has been good.

In 2010, you went on the International Summer School program to Vienna University of Economics and Business. How did this educational experience shape you personally and professionally?

Probably the best return on Investment ever made! SUMS subsidized a lot for this trip. Being there in Vienna and meeting graduates from across the world helped me make new friends and build my professional network, who would later be of great assistance when I moved to Canada. This program helped me to understand the importance of embracing different cultures, the way they think and approach any given situation.

How has your MBA degree from SUMS helped with your career, what areas specifically (if any)?

The biggest take away from the MBA was critical evaluation/review, and systems thinking; a big thanks to Paul Kawalek, who had a great influence on the way I approached things.

Living in Sheffield also helped me be more polite to people!

What things do you miss most about SUMS and The University generally?

West Street, the Students’ Union, free copies of The Wall Street Journal, the Information Commons, and the friendly folk of Sheffield.

Finally, what advice would you give to a student who wants to break into careers such as data analyst, business development project management?

I would not call it advice but identify your strengths. It’s very important to do what you love doing. If you are in a job that you love doing, the passion and respect which you show [towards your job] will ensure you are successful. It took me a while to land my dream job, it’s all about being afloat and picking everything that comes your way, trying to master it until you find your right job. I picked up my work ethic and patience picking glasses in the Walkabout, Sheffield! It’s all a process, aim for perfection and settle for excellence!

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