MBA Leadership Series: with Ruth Brown (2013)

— 18.05.22

Ruth Brown, MBA (2013), Chief Executive of Sheffield Children's NHS Foundation Trust shared her own leadership journey at our recent MBA Leadership Dinner Series in Sheffield.

During her inspiring talk to our current MBAs, Ruth openly talked about overcoming her own fears of becoming a woman in leadership during her career. Now responsible for the internal running of the Sheffield Children's NHS Foundation Trust as Chief Executive, Ruth brings her 30 years plus of NHS experience to the forefront and oversees the Trust’s operational performance and strategic direction.

Advice for leaders today

During the evening, our MBAs reflected on their own careers and direction and took the opportunity to ask Ruth questions. Ruth shared her advice for leaders today:

  1. Develop an inclusive, kind and compassionate environment where people feel safe to speak up and be themselves.
  2. Support others in their development remembering that once upon a time, we all start off in our careers and it is important to support and guide others.
  3. Ask colleagues 'how they are' providing them the opportunity to raise any concerns, work or otherwise.

“I gave reflections on overcoming fear and being a woman in leadership. It was fantastic to meet so many MBA students from all over the world and at different stages of their career.”

Ruth Brown, MBA (2013), Chief Executive, Sheffield Children's NHS Foundation Trust

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