Northern Alumni Network: Boost your Creativity by taking Breaks!

— 21.10.19

by Jody Dalton

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As well interacting with this latest research from SUMS during Dr Dermot Breslin's talk, there will be a chance to network with like-minded professionals before and after the session. Alumni from the fields of Management, Law and Economics are invited to the event, as well as some of our placement students who are currently working in industry.

Boost your Creativity by taking Breaks!

We are all called on to be creative in our working and social lives, from creative problem-solving to having innovative insights, and understanding how to perform better in these tasks. In this talk, Dr Dermot Breslin of Sheffield University Management School (SUMS) will discuss research which shows that certain types of off-task breaks can in fact boost creative performance. Breaks which are more collaborative in nature e.g. playing frisbee together, running together, talking together, increase group creativity more than competitive group break activities such as playing football, competitive running, or individual breaks. Furthermore breaks which allow the mind to wander also boosts individual-level creative performance. Dermot will also show the importance of the timing of creative tasks, as our creative performance changes over the working day.


  • 6pm - Arrival
  • 6.30pm - Workshop
  • 7.30pm - Networking

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More About the Northern Alumni Network

Established by Sheffield University Management School, the Northern Alumni Network is open to all Sheffield alumni in business but particularly those with a background in Management, Law and Economics, who are based in the North or are developing a network here.