Every project counts: Lavanya Krishnan, MBA (2022)

— 03.01.23

by Jody Dalton

We caught up with Lavanya Krishnan, Project Manager at BBraun Medicals and recent MBA alumna (2022) to talk about her current role and reflections on her time at Sheffield.

So, after completing your MBA company project at BBraun Medical you’re now working there - congratulations! Tell us about your new role.

I’m currently the Project Manager and Product Owner for BBraun’s Homecare UK Project and the Project Leader for the SAP PP (Production Planning) Implementation in BBraun UK. As part of the Steering Committee for the SAP PP implementation project, I work alongside the Managing Directors of the BBraun group in the UK, and the Vice President of Manufacturing of BBraun Spain.

I report directly to the Head of Supply Chain and the BBraun Medical UK’s Managing Director.

My responsibilities include managing the project teams and running the steering committee meetings, liaising with all BBraun’s stakeholders to discuss the 360-degree overview of the ongoing projects. We decide on the next projects to implement based on the business benefits that it has to offer for the Homecare UK project.

And how did your MBA project lead to your current role?

It was networking. I got to interview the managing directors and head of business functions for my MBA company project, which was based at BBraun Medical where I now work. Doing my project here gave me the fantastic opportunity to network and make myself known within the company. I didn’t ask or apply for a job, but from the impression I made on my project, they realised I was an asset and offered me this job. That’s where I would say you get to make an impression - your company project.

“When it came to being recruited for my current role, nobody had to interview me, because literally all key business stakeholders already knew me from my company project!”

Lavanya Krishnan, MBA (2022), Project Manager at BBraun Medicals

Why did you choose the Sheffield MBA?

The Triple crown accreditations of the Management School, being a Russel group University, and the location of Sheffield city and its connectivity to all places in the UK, were the main reasons why I chose the Sheffield MBA.

Having recently finished your degree, what advice would you give to someone doing the Sheffield MBA today?

My advice would be to learn from your peer group. It's not a competition. Support and learn from one another, be it someone who is younger than you or older, more experienced or not, you can learn a lot from them. Remember that you already have the required talent, so make the most of the whole MBA experience to identify what is your strongest skill set, and to sharpen all of your management and leadership skills.

You talk about the importance of learning from other’s experience. What was your own work experience upon joining the Sheffield MBA?

Before I started my MBA in Sheffield, I was a Techno Functional Salesforce Consultant with Accenture, India, with about eight years of experience in the IT industry. I worked with clients and their stakeholders across the UK and Europe to guide and advise businesses in their software development.

What did you enjoy most about your time at Sheffield?

My MBA friends have now become my family. It’s the friendship and memories we made together that I will fondly take away from Sheffield. I will always have nostalgia when I come back to the city. I can say that I have learned and grown so much both personally and professionally during my year at Sheffield.

What motivates you?

I’m driven primarily by my desire towards self mastery and growth. I am also motivated by the sense of purpose in whatever I do. I believe in being kind and just at all times.

“My apartment, Sheffield 3 Student Roost, West street and Victoria Quays are very close to my heart. The Peak district mountains close by are magical!”

Lavanya Krishnan, MBA (2022), Project Manager BBraun Medicals

Outside of work...

What do you love?

My Dog, 'Shree' a yellow labrador. I am a pet lover. I love to travel too. In the last three months I have travelled to Wales, Scotland and Spain. I love to explore and observe the culture, food and lifestyle in different countries. I’m also a beginner Photographer. I enjoy taking photographs to capture the memories and the beautiful landscapes during my travels.

And what are you reading / watching / listening to at the moment?

I watch all genres of TV shows on various OTT platforms like Netflix, prime video, disney plus etc. I love Indian cinema music - mostly south indian melodies, I have a huge collection of songs for my car playlist, for long drives.

Thank you Lavanya for sharing your journey! If you'd like to share yours, please get in touch at mgtalumni@sheffield.ac.uk


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